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The Gift Certificate templates are in no way associated with any type of warranty. A person prints them as it. The gift certificates cannot be used as warranties including implied warranties. When a business or individuals uses the gift certificate templates the owner s are under assumption that the content printed on the certificated are valid and accurate. This site cannot guarantee or validate what the users has written on the templates.

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In no ways are the owners of Gift Certificate Templates liable or responsible for damages by using the templates. These damages include loss of use, and loss of profits. The gift certificates are a contract for a specific amount between the vendor and the customer. This also applied to users that are using the certificates that are using the certificates for personal use. The owners of this site are not liable for misused of the gift certificates by any individual or business. In efforts to give the users the most up to date information the owners of Gift Certificate Templates may make changes to the templates or alter the content. They may also update the products and services being offered from this website. The updates can happen at any time without notice to the users.

No Payment Return Policy

The free versions of the gift certificate templates are very similar to the premium gift certificate templates for customers. The Premium versions do not contain the watermark from the company. The user is responsible to check the accuracy of the free template first. After purchasing a template the owners of Gift Certificate Templates will not accept certificate exchanges and refunds are not available.

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Gift Certificate Templates may revise any of the templates on the website. Users agree that the terms and conditions apply to the certificates that have been revised. All copyright and trademark laws are still valid and will be enforced. By using this website the users agrees to check the website often if they are looking for revisions or new versions of the gift certificate templates.