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Floral Gift Certificate Template

Implementing gift certificates are an invaluable resource for companies that wish to draw in more customers. Once a customer decides that they want to inquire about a gift certificate from your company, it means that they like your business so much so that they want to share that experience with someone else and present it to them in the form of a gift certificate.

By having certificates available beforehand, you can capitalize on this opportunity and essential gain free advertisement due to your clients, because they’re not just telling their friends that they should stop by the establishment when they have the time or money, essentially they are ensuring that they will go to your establishment because their friends will have an incentive to do so, which is to utilize the certificate.

When it comes to designing an actual gift certificate you don’t have to worry about hiring a graphic designer because you can create one by utilizing a gift certificate template.

The template itself consists of 6 sections that you can easily fill out to make the certificate complete and ready for printing.

The first section that you need to address on the gift certificate template is the section that states “This Certificate is good for”, in that section you will state the purpose of the gift certificate such as a ‘free dinner for 2’ or a discount of a particular percentage for example.

The second section of the template states “Certificate valid only when redeemed by” , this is where you or your customers can state the name of the person who will be utilizing the certificate, in order to prevent unauthorized individuals from utilizing the certificate in the event that it gets lost or stolen.

On the bottom left section of the printable gift certificate template you need to put a signature and or business stamp that employees will need to be familiarized with, in order for them to determine the authenticity of the gift certificate when its presented to them.

On the bottom right side of the template you can input the date that you signed the template along with the dates that the certificate remains valid for.

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