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Christmas Gift Certificate Template (Dark Night Design)

During the holiday season, one of the many difficult decisions people have is determining exactly what kind of a gift to get for that one person in their life. But when all else fails, a gift certificate is a surefire way to go. The Christmas gift certificate template to be reviewed here is a great thing to keep in mind for family, friends, or any type of a business situation to use as a gift. If you own a business, then this type of a Christmas gift certificate template would be perfect for you to utilize for your customers during the holiday season!

This gift certificate is decorated with a dark blue background and a yellow outline of Santa’s sleigh complete with reindeer, showing him navigating through the night sky to deliver presents to all of the children of the world. In front of that is listed “Merry Christmas” to signify that this is indeed a gift certificate template. The bottom of the Christmas gift certificate template shows a snowy setting adorned with pine trees. On top of these trees, you will find sections listed for the date that the gift certificate is issued, as well as the gift certificate number.

This Christmas gift certificate template is just what your business needs this holiday season, and is sure to be a big hit with all of your customers!

Christmas Gift Certificate Format Dark Night Design