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Weddings are the most joyous of occasions. Full of hope, love, happiness, and a lifetime of promise ahead, it is the most spectacular day of a bride and groom’s life. For affairs like these, you want to give a special gift to the couple, yet while most brides and grooms register for gifts at local department stores, sometimes these gifts are so impersonal. So, how do you give them something both personal and something they really want? You can give them a gift certificate – and send it in a very unique and personal way by using a customizable gift certificate template. Giving gift certificates may not immediately seem like they would be the gift of choice for the newly married, but that’s because most people immediately think of the standard plastic gift cards that leave little emotion or thought to the purchase. The truth is, people have slowly been brainwashed into thinking that purchasing a gift from the couple’s gift registry at the local retail store is somehow much more personal – but how could it be? There is no thought involved at all, especially since much of the items on their list are only on there because the couple is pressured to register for “things” in every category – and often times there are items on the list that aren’t even something the celebrated pair needs, or truly wants. This is where the gift certificate template comes in. Wedding gift certificates may be anything of any kind. Think of how happy the new couple would be if you created an original gift certificate that not only contained an original and personal message, but also gave a gift the wedding couple could truly use: a special dinner gift certificate, a shopping trip gift certificate to their favorite retail store, or a holiday gift certificate a weekend getaway for the newlyweds a few months down the road. All of these will be much appreciated – probably more than any standard gift you could purchase. After all is said and done, the gift certificate you give can fill in all the blanks for the items they wished they would have registered for. Not everything can be planned to perfection, so what a joy your gift certificate will bring, as they receive something so unexpected. So how do you get a customizable gift certificate? You can download them for absolutely free! With the simple click of a mouse, you can download a free gift certificate template right here on our site. After you download the gift certificate you like, you can easily customize it to fit the personality of the couple you are giving it to. Add a joke, or add a serious, sincere message of best wishes – no matter what you decide, it will be a personalized and a truly unique gift. All that’s left to do is send it. If you need to give a gift to celebrate a couple’s lifetime commitment, download our gift certificate templates and try them out for yourself.