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Tired of giving the same old boring gifts for weddings, birthdays, and other occasions? Why not give a spa gift certificate, and indulge the recipient in a relaxing and beautifying experience that they really need, but would never take time to do on their own. Spa gift certificates can be made up for any spa center, even if they don’t already offer them! You simply start by printing your own document with a spa gift certificate template. Spa gift certificate templates come in handy because not only are many of them free, but they are so easy to use. Need a gift in a pinch? You are at the right place to download a spa gift certificate template. It opens up in Microsoft Word, so it is customizable for any occasion. All you have to do is click that download button, fill in the appropriate spaces, give it a little personal touch, and print it – right from your home or office. Once you have printed your spa gift certificate, just take it to the spa center of your choice and have a manager authorize it for either a dollar amount or specific service. With individually-owned spas in particular, they are happy to accommodate custom gift certificates in order to get a new customer hooked! If you don’t have time for that extra trip to the spa to make that certificate official, you can always create it as a means of time to spend with a best friend or family member. Just get a little more creative when you customize the document, and add a phrase at the end like, “It really is time to get a massage… Happy Birthday, it’s on me!” Or, when giving it as a wedding gift, you can try something like, “To help you relax as you join in a new life together, your couple’s spa day is on me. You may need it, so enjoy!” No matter how you word it or where you choose to go, using a spa gift certificate template is the most awesome way to give a unique and much-needed gift to those you care about. They may not have chosen a relaxing spa day on their own, but they will be glad that you did.